Sunday, April 4, 2010

PRPP 03/04/2010

Sat night...
wasn't feeling really happy at the match results of my favorite soccer team Manchester United losing to Chelsea plus the heavy downpour that started at about 8.30pm

At 9.30pm...Beep phone beeped,checked the sms,found out from AA

"still raining"

reply "yep drizzling"

"clearing at all?"

"not too sure,i let u know at 10pm"

by 10pm rain started to clear infoed AA about it and he called back said he will be at PRPP with Kenn at about 12am

Reach there at about 0045h,AA and Kenn was already there

pond was relatively quiet about 10anglers in total with no landings

rigged my tackle and casted to the croc,put my rod into the rod holder and went to chit chat with Xeno,Yong,Syafig,while AA went on his masterbaiting and Kenn went on to the water inlet area to fish

After a while my marker on my line went jumping and i went to reel back,moment started reeling the fish jumped out of the water ...wahahahaha....KIM KIM....

Fought for about 2 min as it was trying to swim away with a few stunts of aerial jumping along the way

Next rigged and casted back to the same spot

and soon after Kenn came back with a fish

biggest happening of the night happened at this time....

PRPP's resident gao guru Mr Tony was fishing as usual at the net and we saw him trying to fight a fish than took his line and went under the net and judging from the sight of him trying desperately to pump the fish out of the net was kinda nerve wrecking as he had to squat down and stand up on a very tiny plank...repeating the action a few times,one missed balanced act would see him creating a very big splash in the water.

alas the fish won the battle...he came back and told us it was a big fish,and when he says "its a big fish" its really a big one cos even when he fights 3kg gaos at that spot,he dun need to perform such stunts.

not long after my line slack and i was reeling back and woah a slight pull,i strike and fish on...

no much of a fight,reeled back found out that i fouled hooked a kim which already had 2 broken main lines credited to its mouth..hahaha...anyways still a land

u know the usual pond anglers attitude....that area got fish must go attitude happened and 2 guys on floater casted to the crocodile and i left the place

soon the anglers at the netting side was gone and both AA and me went to cast our lines there
had a few misses but was fun seeing the marker jump up and down,suspect GP crowd was prepared to change to GP rig when AA hit his fish....and while reeling back my line to prevent fried bee hoon,i found my line went out...

woah ho....DOUBLE HOOK UP...

both of us landed a while after another and the pond anglers attitude happened again and both of us went back to "walking the prawn fishing"....hahahaha

about an hour later we packed up and left

total catch 5 +1 (present from tony)

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