Saturday, April 3, 2010

PRPP 2 Apr 2010 Nite

Mission by :

Addict, WongSL, PP777, Storm

Supported by : Burp, Bigbear69, Mrs Bigbear69, Jeskel, Xenokel, Syafiq

Strange night.... little hits despite the good weather the whole day....

The addict broke his Golden Egg at the last 5 mins of the session..... one nice Kim Chio Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

WongSL, having been absent from PRPP for quite a while was on top form last night. The champ subdued a nice Tanda(ACK) hovering around the 3.3kg mark from "Devil's Point". The brute gave Wong a major andrenalin rush and the poor bloke hands was trembling as he lighted his ciggie!

WongSL scored another whammy landing a beauty table sized GAO!!!!

PP777 hit a nice baby Ang Koay which we forgot to line up fo the group picture.


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro wong.. very gd catch ytd.. mai say we con u har..

ogie said...

Good catch Bro....

More Streaking lines for the Stella...hehehehe

Too bad I had to go off time