Friday, April 9, 2010

PRPP 7 Apr 2010 - After all these years Silstar Tiny 20 still works well

Mission by :

Addict, Jeskel, Syafiq,Excalibur,Storm with Xeno and PP777 at the Skill Pond (pole rod).

7 pieces of KC by the Skill Pond Team some fishes had been taken home before group foto.

16 by Pro Pond Team . Guess the main event of the nite was a bonus 3kg Gao landed on the Silstar Tiny 20 and Lemax G7 combo.


Syafiq89 said...

steady lah bro AA, its been a while since the gao work out.. good job!
was more fun when you "yay!" your way after landing one after another fish..haha.. powerrr!

Angling Addict said...

happy mah.... yayyyy.. always a good feling landing any fish much more a prized fish like the gao....