Friday, April 9, 2010

PRPP 8 Apr 10 - Christening of Nat's New Tackle, J, Q, K, A.

Mission by :

PRPP : Addict, Nat/Storm.
PRSP : Burp/Big Bear69/Mrs Big Bear69 and Xeno.

After a afternoon of running around buying antiques and finally ending up at Bedok 530, Nat and John collected their new Stradic 1000 CI4. Nat selected a nice Daiwa Telescopic to match and we decided it was necessary for a opening ceremony.

well, to cut a long story short.

we wend up at PRPP ard 10pm.

Nat's opening fish came when she could not find her float... erm excuse me guys, did you all see my float...... Hmmm Fish on but line not moving... Addict :"ok guys, i tell u, this is a gao." True enuff, A nice table sized gao came up! WHAT A OPENING CEREMONY!!!! Mission accomplish but time not up, so of course continue.

Changed spot, Nat casted again.. She was talking with Mrs Big Bear when she screamed as she saw her float popped under!!! ZZZZZZZ.zzz.zzz.zz.zzzz.zzZZZZZ, fsih on, The addict rushed and had to ease the rod out of the rod holder... FMD! Its a big one, at least "3".... Tagged over to Storm...... fish dragged Storm (yes, and not the other way)from event pond side pass crocs, to the Skill Pond side, and them back to crocs. Finally, subdued the bugger. 3.2kg on the digi-scale!!!! Cannot quantify the elation that Nat felt.... Cannot Quantify the pain the Storm felt!!!!! Having just had treatment for TE, the Tanda gave him a really good workout!!! WHAT A SECOND OPENING!!!! well we end up having to dub her "Queen Nat". She went on to get 2more, 1 X KBL 2.2kg, 1 Small MJ.

The poor addict only had 1 nice sized MJ but enjoyed being part of the opening ceremony as the bellhop..... deckie lor!


Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

HaHa.. I was really surprised too.. but I just did the casting that's all.. Glad Storm was on hand to help reel in..:) I think we all made a great team.. I casted, storm fought and reeled in, the addict de-hooked and carried to enclosure...such is luxury!! Pregnancy has it's advantages.. LOL!

Anyway I did say that I did not want any snappers.. sick of eating them.. LOL. Maybe the snappers heard me and pushed their pond friends to the bait :)

Hope I'm more times lucky tonight!

Syafiq89 said...

wah nat,its a nice table size gao! yum yum.. a very good opening indeed,steady lah..cant join you guys, working till weeeeee hours..

i saw this post saw the tanda, make me so jealous, saw the kim, make me fed up, saw the gao! make me soooo itchy.. i hope i can join you guys yesterday and today.. working till late hours..good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

my arm after yesterday machiam waste money go see tcm earlier on in the day

Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

haha.. thanks syafiq!! I think the fishing experience for me is I fish one of every species inside and then retire.. haiz..
Also grateful for Storm and AA's help.
With my extra weight in front, think i would be taken diving by the tanda!

Sorry la Storm..I thought usually open rod is "no fish" theory.. :P

wolfblass2003 said...

well done Nat!

Lets have dinner one of these days at Ah Yong place again? Loved the food there...