Thursday, May 27, 2010

26th May PRPP

After dinner with Xeno,Burp n Mrs Burp & Bro Wolfblass2003,
which just came back from Kuching to share abit of his fish tales and of cos to taste the gao from his trip.......We proceed to PRPP to meet the others....

A bag of kembongs head marinated with flour n the fish guts (freezed) was dropped to the desired fishing area.

My KC king,Burp immediately sprang to actions while i was preparing the baits, peeling of prawns & cutting them to KC bite size....
""Up 1" up 2" & "up 3kcs", all without baits but with the Prawn scent.hehehe

There after everything same ....up up up.
that lasted half an hour and we got about 12-14 fishes.

Then it is search & destroy mission,
Things slowed down.....
many anglers are getting big Gaos n big Acks & big Aks.

Guess it's a long holiday weekend, N they released alot of fishes...

Got double hook up on the 2 hooks apollo rig TWICE......
Should have abundant of kc left.

6 0f the kc are not in pics as they were given away to burp chim chim n another kaki.

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