Saturday, May 15, 2010

ART of 1-2-3.

Hahaaa, Double troble strikes back again at playground,PRPP with our beautiful supporter, Nat and our good looking supporter, Danny.. Was told to cast off at 2200hrs.. Reached at approx. 9:50..
Talked abit to Ah Wai, then he pointed that the guys are on the opposite site where the water comes in.. Was told that they will let water in.. So i went over there with a paisey heart cause i forgotten to bring the KB Ongs family with me..
Storm said, it is ok.. phew.. Got my gears ready and cast off at approx 2230 with storms secret ingredient as bait.. Parked the rod aside and decided to go over to the operator to get styro.. Ah wai told me that the water is going in.. it should be very good.. He also told me to use anything alive.. Storm got live prawns over the other side.. so i decided to get Milkfish straight away.. also bought drinks for Ah wai..Went over, transfer the milkfish to the net.. suddenly pop! , Storm's styro went down.. "Bro what you waiting for?? how long u want the float to sink?? kanna SHOOT LAH!!!"
but unfortunatly he WHACK!.. and lost the fish.. hahaha.. it was the funniest and hilarious moment just now.. me,dan and nat was laughing and laughing.. everybody was like, "I told you to shoot! not whack!" wakakakaka..
Its was about 2300..rojak2.. the fish started biting and biting our baits.. but couldnt set hook.. many2 miss from the double trouble.. I got an MJ for our first fish.. oh yea..
Dan went to get drink for us after the first fish..
I was then asked to use the tuna from Storm.. fillet the tuna, bait it.. cast it near the crocs.. Was called Pai-kia from Storm.. Haha.. Was chit chatting all the while suddenly my line was pulled and slacken.. pick up my rod, tighten the line, ZAAAAP!!! fish on brotha... Brought up a 3.4kg ACK.. Was a very very very good work out.. thanks to storm for helping me bring up the fish and sorry if you are wet! hahaha..
the night then went rojak2 with many2 MJ.. both me and john are practicing the art of 1-2-3 ing the fish.. unfortunately we lost 1 each.. the bite rate got worse when the wind blows aggresively and started to rain.. :(
But yet, it was a very good night for us.. Less than 3hours, we got many bites and lost..
there goes the double trouble, packed and leave with many live baits available left.. Tomorrow is another day at FW3.. will be looking foward for it.. Thats all for now.. Cheers guys

PS: sorry if my CR is not intersting and boring.. really not good at it.. will learn how to write interesting CR again soon.. :)

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Angling Addict said...

This is one greatttt CR!! salute salute.... very entertaining and very well writtened. Well done bro Syafiq and fishos!!!