Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The itch curing trip aka A tale of 2 Rods

After an itch-filled outing with the whole bunch of guys + mozzies at FW3 on saturday.
I decided to head to our usual playground PRPP to cure both the itch......
"OMG" i was telling myself that our Bro Storm went to an doc for the cure.
Was told that the mozzies ain't the usual sandflies,so they are nearly commandoes trained,as the camp is nearby....hahahaha

Reached early 8.25pm and went to NTUC at whitesands to get some grey prawns,
i was telling myself i want to get alot of the delicious KIM CHIOS.
Prawns soldout,tiger prawn @ $19/kg, too expensive and i went off without buying.

Reached PRMP,saw Bro F6 & Bro Excalibur were already spinning,
Bro Excalibur had one Kim while F6 had afew concubines(misses).....lol....
i set up n my telescopic rod with my stradic 1000 n of course with my faithful KC rig,i think dat reel had been my workhorse for a year + liao.
Unconvinced by the bite rate at prmp,
i proceed to PRPP with my initial plan to fish for Kimchios.

"TONG" the bell rang,
Fish release, i picked 2 pieces of dead prawns frm other fishios leftover n cast to the net area.A huge take and i strike instantly......hmmmm..... its not KC,
swam towards the net and got tangled with some loose lines,i walk over to the planks hoping that the fish would run loose by itself,sure indeed the fish came out swimming, everything fast and i CNRBL the fish....yaksssss

oh no!! bad omen to lose first fish.......sianzz....
Consoled myself cause its not KC mah,all other fishes all are bonus.... as i was still registering some bite, i rode the bicycle to get dead prawns frm the bait house.
$3/box...quite expensive..... nevertheless i need them to land my KC.

Rebait my hooks with prawns n cast out,
Goalkeeper ! up come an ACK who took both of my prawns.
Also get afew bite here and there,
got an Qi-Chai which i fillet and fed the cat HITAM.

Went back to old KC spot,kept casting out to locate the buggers, slowly retrieving and there is a huge take,instant strike and fish on. I reeled in fast and 123 up came an fat KC.Felt relieved and hoping to get more,rebait and cast out.
"goalkepper" i should say it,
but it swam inwards and the line slacken very fast.i quickly reel in and the fish is still there, strike n fish on.Was abit lucky to get this one.

Got another KC and another AngKuey almost the same scenario,
KC slow retrieving And Angkuey Goalkeepered.

F6 and Excalibur joined us after their session at PRMP,
we drink there,Mazdadan,Storm,Syafig (drink coke) and Burp,lastly Xeno (joined later after an last mission at Jurong).

Summary ended . Part 2 will be for John to finish.

This is storm's version of the CR

A tale of 2 rods

Long long time ago there was a merchant who flew the vast skies and brought back some nice looking equipment for fishing

One of the equipment was a nice looking telescopic rod with an extendable butt and the other was was nice sounding and pretty looking reel-saber sl1000

On the 17th day of May in the year 2010,two members of the funniest group of fishios on earth went to Pasir Ris Pro Pond or Pasir Ris Tac Pond as it is known to others to try out the equipment.

Though the equipment has been tested before but still more tests need to be conducted in order to know the full strength of the equipment like the Chinese saying goes “days past know human heart and distance travelled know horse’s power” 日久见人心,路遥见马力
And though it is Team AA’s practice of having at least 3 diff type of baits when we fish but on that day,it was only dead prawn meat that was being purchased,the rest of the baits were given to us.

1st tester PP777 went there at about 2030hours and when Storm reach about 2050h it was fish release time at devils point..what the hell,release so early,no nid to fish till 0000h fish release time liao…as even though new water has been injected into the pond for the previous 2 days but than the heavy downpour the previous day would have meant that the input of the water would have been wasted job…
But than it was proven wrong but PP777 when he landed 4 fishes at diff spots….
OK succumb to the demons of fishing,rigged up,put a floater on and casted nearby and as usual,went to sit down at stone chair area to chat with syafig,Tommie and danny who was there to support..

After about 10min,I saw my telescopic rod made a almost 90 degree bend and I went back to reel in..

Kinda hard to take the rod out of the holder,but nonetheless,pulled back the rod a little …zzzzz…let the line run a little and managed to dislodge the rod from the holder…
Whoaho…..a biggie cos of the strength and the urgent sound of lines screeching out from the reel…

Just that deckie on duty,sya and dan…saw that the fish had a double hook up….meaning it had 2 hooks in the mouth insteadof the usual 2 persons hooking up the fish at the same time…
A bit hard to fight,and just than PP777 told the other angler to let go of his line and I managed to land the estimated 2.5kg and above ack(could not weight it as the fish was given to an Indian family at the end of the day,hence why its not the pictures to be posted up)
After dehooking thefish,I told sya to give it to the man who also had the hook up cos I already had the fight and landed the fish,so whether to taker back as trophy or not is not an issue for me anymore(seems like my cultivation in fishing went up another level hahaha) but somehow or other the fish still came back to our keep net,I guess it was a case of paiseh and nobody wanted the fish cos of the double hookup.
Anywasy it was a greedy fish cos the other fishio was like 2 rod holders away so deserved to be landed hahaha
1 fish landed so can relaxed already so went back and chit chatted with F6,Excalibur,Burp,Dan,Xeno,Syafig.

So with nothing much to do,told syafig to go to devils point and fish with my set up…the tele and saber sl1000 and told him “dun land fish dun come back,dun matter if rod break”

Of he went and in a while he took back one fish,was jined by xeno and a while later xeno also landed one fish,

Was thinking to myself..hmm…the tele can take stress at devils point since just now already landed a 2.5kg up ack and now at devils point….

But than bad news decended upon us when xeno came back with a broken weapon in his hand,the top section of PP777’s broke off andwent under water,cant be retrieved

Well,as it was not a very fruitful night and with a broken weapon,soon after we packed up and went home

And while I was washing up my tackle,my ting ting ting from my saber sl1000 went into silent mode

Well….looks like PRPP is really a pampered pond and we gotta respect the the fishes there hahaha

Till the next time we meet again fishes

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