Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kelong Fishing Competition

Hello everyone,

Like to know who is keen to join the Singapore Kelong Fishing Competition??
It's $65 per session from 9am to 4pm (incl lunch and bait) in september
I'm planning to join so i guess it'll be good to gather more Team AA kaki along
You can find out more info from FK under "Kaki Looking for Kaki"


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

hello. copy n paste the link mah,,

Danny Lee said...

So who want to go, seem too good to be true for the cost they are charging.

relaxed33 said...

I have emailed the organisers and they have provided the following details:

1. $68 per pax ($33+$35)
2. Fish is catch n keep
3. First packet of bait is free. Subsequent bait is $4 per packet.
4. Sea transport to kelong is depart from Changi Village .
5. Fishing done inside net where fish is released at interval.
6. Must pay in full prior to competition, participants in group of 5 or more enjoy 8% discount.

relaxed33 said...

I am keen to join but the organiser say max of 100 participants. Think will have a lot of line tangle when "fish on".