Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day 2010

9 May 2010
Mother’s day

Its been quite some time since Team AA had a day session,and also with Piero’s release from exams,a contigent of anglers were sent to fish at Ah Tiong’s
Meet up was at 0900hrs but due to the fact that me and MazdaDan was assigned to get live baits,we reached there at about 0915h and the 1st thing I saw and heard was Syafig saying “Rojak rojak” and him landing a good size AK…..
Should be a good day since the pond was not opened for 1 week
And all those present like Jeskel,Xeno,Syafig,Piero,Wolf,WongSL,Chim Chim,Wolf’s friend seems to be landing fishes at that time. F6 came to lend his support a while later
Armed with 1kg of K.B Ong,
250g of specially formulated ha lok,
1kg of live prawns,
15milk fishes,
50 pieces of tilapia
Team AA spreaded out tactically covering the whole pond going for fish….
Of course with Mazda’s new IMX and Certate 2500R,should not be an issue if the starved fishes put up a good fight.
But than things did not seem to go as what we had hoped for,bite was slow after Rojak was served and fishes were landed very slowly, and our fighters also departed slowly…
While we were packing up the god of fishes gave our mother present Jeskel with the last fish
We had a total of 13fishes,with Wong’s friend donating 1 and Wolf and friend should be having 4/5 fishes
Overall,as usual,fun is there,though fishes are not really there……

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