Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Three musketeers

The 3 Musketeers

The story of Athos,Porthos and Aramis along with their friend D’Artagnan continues in modern day 12 May 2010 in the sunny isle of Singapore…well not that sunny considering the fact that the incident took place in the night and it was raining heavily

Muskeeters in place….
Storm(disclaimer…I am not the cause of the heavy downpour)
Friend of musketeers present –Syafig89

Story will differ from the original 3 musketeers due to time lapse

Musketeer bruce was the 1st to arrive at PRPP at about 2100hrs and he set camp opposite our usual place after the croc

Musketeer Storm arrived about 10min later with ah wai saying “rojak rojak” one abang landed 2 gaos in 15min and master gaoster tony showed off the rojak by using s-hook to carry a gao as he walked pass me
And not wanting to waste time I set up camp and casted off
Wat the hell….all fishios (about 6 in all) left and right of me keep on landing fishes for the 30min I waited for a fish to take a bite and I got no bite again….alamak dun tell me 0000 again

Just then mobile rang “john,wa balu kar hor Tommie,ee gong pasir ris lo dua hor leh”
“yong ah,bo leh wa balu gao jit dao,bo lo hor”
“ok ok wa jit zhun zhe taxi lai”

Loosely translated
“john,I just called Tommie and he told me it was pouring heavily in pasir ris”
“nope,I just reached and its not raining here”
“ok I cab down now”

After hanging up the call,I smsed bruce to ask him to come over our side as the fishes seems to be landed at this side of the pond.Syafig arrived soon.

He came over shortly and I told him to cast for the 4th stilt where we got our 6gaos from our previous outing and yong arrived not soon after
But than the skies seemed to be very sad and it started heavy downpour
The 3 musketeers and their friend took shelter and we chit chatted till the rain got a bit small and yong and bruce went to fish for gp at the gp spot near to the no trespassing sign in the rain

“fish on” yong got the 1st fish of the night

As usual the petite beer garden lady came over to take our orders and while taking orders (as usual while I am busy) my ugly stik bended almost 90degrees from the rod holder with bait casted to the croc and while about to 123,the fish made a splash and threw out my hook
Night was slow but soon “dong dong”

3 musketeers went to the pole rod pond side where fish release was and I casted right into the door step of the net…pull let go pull let go and pull,fish made a left turn went under the net…

Siao liaos….no choice went up the planks and managed to pull the fish out from under the net 123,hahaha…nvr under estimate the power of the ugly stik

Soon action quieten down and we went back to casting at 4th stilt

Pull let go,pull let go…fish on……I tot its just a small fish

In the end got scolded by yong cos he say my rod powerful(no pun intended) and a 2kg ak say small

Well soon it was time to call a night as bruce needs to work and I think we are not to comfy with the semi-wetness from the rain

Though it’s a rainy night but 10fishes all good size is still consider a good catch

As always fish is not what matters but the company and the knowledge shared is valuable
Till then,maybe another group of 3musketeers will conquer the pond again

~~The End~~

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