Thursday, May 20, 2010

smalltown playground.


PP777 said...

Bro Syafig,

i deleted 2 pics of myself,
topless without fishes not so nice to post lah....
many of my friends and family members got see our postings.



Angling Addict said...

SyafiQ!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC PICTURES!!!!!! You have a fabulous camera eye!!!! Well done... may i know what camera these pics were taken on???? looks in the class of Ogies'....

Wasps said...

nice pictures Syafig..
kinda busy with work and stuff lately, hope to join you guys again soon..
You took a very good picture of everyone, you really brought out the best in the team:

1. Storm - his classic long hair and ang kong
2. PP777 - his trademark topless fishing
3. Jeskel - Always act cute poses
4. Burp - His famous KC striking position
5. Xeno - His Tee Ko smile
6. Chim Chim - His Carebear tummy and smile

Si beh good la... you are Ogie in the making

Syafiq89 said...

PP777 - hahaha.. but i like the picture while you are striking.. very very nice.. haha, ok next time i dont post ok?

AA - hey,thanks man.. i am using a 450D canon with a standard lense and a 50mm lense.. Haha, but i think ogie's got a better camera and lense.. and also skill too.. must learn from him..

Wasp - thanks you bro.. I tried to take everything candid.. and shoot at the best timing i can get.. yes bro, looking foward to fish with you and the guys again soon..

Anonymous said...

yah lah....sya u ask jes to wait ill the fish atchoo