Saturday, June 19, 2010

20100618-PRPP - WC GOALKEEPERS' Nite

Factor-Six(12), Excalibur(10) & PP777(1Grouper & 1 MJ).
Total catch: 24pcs.

Xenokel & Peiro.

Our total catch of the night.

Reached PRPP late ard 10.45pm,
F6 had six n Excalibur had two,
asked ard any KCs?
Seem like no kc, so setup a single rig for floater.

Then comes the long wait(mine),
Excalibur floater sank afew times but cant set the hook,
many fishios were getting fishes and also many CNRBLs.
F6 n Excalibur keep getting fishes......

Score when the england match started.....
Factor Six = 10
Excalibur = 8
PP777(GEC) = O

Nevertheless i din gave up,
went to get some more battery water(beer),
while F6 changed to floater rig,
Then the TCSS starts,the laughing sounds were louder than the others.....
too bad that the nite when all favorites team fav all down.....
WORLD CUP watchers were QUIET......
Went toilet,they say fishing better.....

Then unsatisfied with where F6's floater ,
i reel in n recast to the near netting area,
immediately it sinks. floater sank.

F6 built the football team 11.up came a beautiful ACK.
at the same time Excalibur's rod got a soft take n up come a small kbl in double quick time.

Xeno with my rod got a small take n up come a small mj,
i rebait n casted out,got an goalkeeper take,
the feeling was like the Gao take.....
i whack and slowly fight n bring the fish back,
really a very nice Gao.

Many Goalkeepers tonite.........
as the World Cup can bring little there,
so they come to PRPP...hehehehe

(edited by PP777)
hope you guys like it.

Our biggest Kim weights at 3.2kg.

While the biggest ACK weights at 2.7kg.

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Angling Addict said...

woweeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice cr! well done bros!!!