Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our humble World Cup CR 160610

Despite the World Cup fever & torrential rain that flooded most places, both Danny & myself decided to head down the pond to cure itch. Danny came with the usual baits; dead prawns & kembong from Sheng Siong while i adopted a different strategy; pure live prawns for the night.

Expecting a diasppointing result for the night but hey i was wrong; a pity that Factor 6 wasnt around,
he would have emerged champion for the night with his rubber lures as kims were landed everywhere.

Let the picture do the talking..
( sorry, no Guard of Honor inspection of fishes under the light as the ground were still kind of wet )

Supporters : Danny's Daughter ; Storm & Nat ( who braved the drizzles & carrying baby storm ) & a short visit by Xenokel

FT Score : Shawn 8 ( kims & Chors )
Danny 4 ( kim, Chors & a Ang Kuay )

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Danny Lee said...

Well hope the football continue, I will be back next Wednesday. Despite no Big Chore was release that night, quite a few was landed the same evening.