Saturday, June 12, 2010

Need help to pair up rods with reels

i got the following offshore rods,need help in getting reels to pair up with the rods

1...Eupro Hammer II Jig Spin P.E 2-4

2...Eupro Hammer II Jig Spin P.E 3-6

3...Daiwa Saltiga SA-JG510MFB 15lb-40lb

1&2 Spinning rods

3 Multiplier rod

any advice?



relaxed33 said...

Bruce here.
1...Eupro Hammer II Jig Spin P.E 2-4 -> Caldia/Freams Kix 4000

2...Eupro Hammer II Jig Spin P.E 3-6 -> Shimano Spheros 8000FB or any shimano 6000/8000 spinning reel or Daiwa Oceano Exceler 4500J spinning reel

3...Daiwa Saltiga SA-JG510MFB 15lb-40lb -> Shimano chartered special 2000LD or Saltiga z30 or Penn 320Gti multipliers.

PP777 said...

pe2-4 n pe3-6 can use same reel nt much difference.

1) Stella 4000
2) Stella 6000 0r 8000
Bcos next time if you go to popping still can use.
3) Accurate 270.

Anonymous said...


1....caldia and freams seems good choice but i am thinking of sw edition reels,any other options?

2...exceler 4500J not a bad choice...any idea wats the price?

3...i m actuually looking at the penn 320 or 330

any other options?
mai shimano or daiwa also can

Anonymous said...


all your recommendations all so high end one ah?

my rods all cheapo rods a bit mismatch hahahaha

any other options?

Anonymous said... thinking of avet reels,worth it to get?

since its fully USA

PP777 said...

now you buy those reels,
in the you still will upgrade.

so might as well buy the high end now,no need to upgrade later......

hmmm....... VAN STAAL maybe


Anonymous said...

van staal~~~~i like kekeke

Anonymous said...

van staal~~~~i like kekeke

relaxed33 said...


1....caldia and freams seems good choice but i am thinking of sw edition reels,any other options? -> Caldia and Freams Kix can use for saltwater. If got more budget, go for Twinpower SW6000PG (approx $795). If got no budget constraint, then go for Stella SW6000PG or SW8000PG.

2...exceler 4500J not a bad choice...any idea wats the price? -? Pricing is $185-220.

3...i m actuually looking at the penn 320 or 330 -> Look for Penn 320LD or 320Gti. 330 has bigger line capacity but same drag. No need bigger line capacity unless u wanna play stingray or shovelnose. You can also consider the new Daiwa Saltist 30 lever drag which is very light (435g) but strong (max drag 22lb, rrp$500-600).

any other options?
mai shimano or daiwa also can -> Van Stal almost the price of Stella, so unless you have deep pockets, look for more wallet friendly ones like Aijiking or even Toman reels? Can consider the new abu spinning series which has nice blue and black in colours.

Keith Peck said...
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Anonymous said...

for me personally its not about having deep pockets or not(if you know what i mean),its more about the matching up,if i am using a $500 rod,i dont mind pairing up with a saltiga dogfight or even a stella,but than the rods to be frank costs me about the price of a new CI4 2500size only,so pairing up with expensive reels is like a bit weird weird.hence why i am going for some mid range reels

Anonymous said...

van staal is like buying for purposes only...too heart pain to use hahaha...lagi heart pain if kena scratches

its not that i dont like getting shimano stuff but i just simply dont lke the bail arm.too thin for my liking,like i said before if on 500 to 2500size,i dont mind them having thin bail arm,but anything above that,does not fit the size of the reel liao,hence one of the reasons why i am still holding off to getting a stella.

Anonymous said...

for the 2 spinning rods,i am thinking of getting the following

okuma vsystem

okuma salina

daiwa exceler

daiwa oceano

but oceano like discon liao if i am not wrong

all the above 4 mentioned is around $200 range

for the mutiplier maybe i will narrow down to the

penn or avet

i guess the difficulty here is to match the line class to the p.e of the rods cos i do not wanna over stress the reel/rod,
at ponds i can afford to load a heavier line but lesser capacity on the reel cos of the size of the pond,but definitely not out at sea.

Anonymous said...

anyways for multilier/bc,i am ok with shimano reels hehehe,except for spinning reels

so dont say i am not a shimano fan ok??

Hear it CP????


Keith Peck said...

My personal arsenal includes the following.

Caldia Kix Custom 4000 (loaded with 300 yards 20lbs PP line) Day bottom or jigging

Saltiga Z4500 (loaded with YGK Jigman X8 ultra 300m PE4/60lbs line) night bottom or jigging.

Accurate 270 (loaded with varias 400m 25lbs jigging line) for day jigging/bottom

Accurate 665 (loaded with YGK jigman X8 300m 70lbs) for night jigging/bottom.

Avet is not too bad can buy. Can also help U change drag after purchase cos drag is a bit low. And for the above reels, they seem to do well with minimal maintenance. Avet I was told bearings not that lasting.

Lastly, I am quite keen on penn also but a bit put off by the weight. If U get one, will be interested to take a look and have a feel of it.

Anonymous said...


i know penn is a but heavy but than they say the 320 and 330 are workhorses

Anonymous said...

actually i have done a check the weight diff is about 10oz (near to 285g) for the 3 brands penn,accurate and avet

but we aint gonna hold on to it like luring and casting so i dun think it will affect that much

Keith Peck said...

Storm depends on ur style. If drifting while doing bottom need to hold rod all the time if not always sangkot. If anchor to do parking then it's ok I guess. But in most boats in out region even if anchor we also try to put smaller sinker let the current carry the sinker to the target zone and a light reel helps cos need to keep holding to it.

relaxed33 said...

Daiwa Oceano replaced by Exceler, but may still be available at Changi village shops, is quite chio as it is all black, and is cheap at $200-220. Think there is a FK seller for the Rapala SM3500 reel. This is a discon reel but a real workhorse. I am pairing the Rapala SM3500 reel with the xzoga PE4 spinning reel for rompin.

okuma vsystem and Salina are more heavy duty spinning reels, so can pair with your Eupro PE3-6 rod. Can try Siow Chiang for okuma reels. Cost approx. $130-$250.

If you are looking for light multipliers, be prepared to fork out more than $400, eg. new daiwa saltist lever drag, saltiga z30, JM PE4 reels. I still think shimano chartered special 2000LD would be a good fit for your Daiwa rod (economical and light wt). Penn 320Gti or 320Gt2 is heavier but can pair with your daiwa rod too. On boat, I will still park my rod n reel on rod holder as it is very tiring to hold them with heavy sinker (20J-30J) in strong current.

Anonymous said...

well i got the penn 320gt2 to pair up with the saltiga rod

now i am seriously thinking of getting the okuma heavy duty reels to pair with the spinning rods...

like what u all say better overkill than underkill lol

but still going to see see look look more cos i got the vsystem 40a its heavy hahahaha

exceler duno if as good as the oceano or not