Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup CR - PRPP 20100611

Factor-Six(7), Excalibur(9) & MazdaDan(4).
Total catch: 20pcs.

PP777, Xenokel, Jesskel, John, WongSL & ZhengWei.

Our total catch of the night.

Factor-Six -Pure Rubber Luring
Score card: 4 Seabass, 1MJ, 1ACK & 1AK.

Excalibur -Pure Dead Prawning
Score card: 3GP, 1ACK, 1TW & 4MJ.

MazdaDan -Pure Plank Fishing
Score card: 2 Grouper, 1 MJ & 1AK.


Angling Addict said...


Great CR!!!! more importantly, Dan got his target fish.... the elusive gaossss.........

Anonymous said...

ermmm...dan's 3 gao up till date is not his own hand land one...all sub con out one hahahaha

Syafiq89 said...


Danny Lee said...

Well CP I only manage to eat the Kao but not a single one caught by me. You should see how Xeno and Wong bring up the fish at devil point. They set the hook and the fish is out of the water, the next thing the fish relise they are hanging in the air walking back to shore. LOL