Thursday, July 8, 2010

07 July 2010 PRPP

People reporting for duty
F6 , Storm, Burp and Mazdadan

Supporter Xeno and PP777

F6 was the first to arrive follow by mazdadan , upon the arrival of mazdadan, F6 as usual already have 1 fish in the bucket on rubber and he just started fishing. Mazdadan started also luring but got no result as for F6 he is bringing up fish nos. 2 , 3 and 4 in interval of 10 min. , no wonder he is the King of rubber , he just love rubber.

Storm came and F6 bought up fish nos 5 which is a Big KBL weighting 3.3 KG , despite no KBL was release, according to Ah Wai, F6 again bring up another KBL weight 1.9 kg, Poor Mazdadan after luring for an hour did not get a single bite, suddenly the bell TONG , fish release time, having no time to change his rig and burp came with a bag of Har Lok , mazdadan put one whole piece of Har Lok on the rubber Jig and cast out hoping not to miss the action. True enough this new method of fishing pay off , up came the KC. So finally mazdadan have the 1st fish,so call on rubber. To prove the theory work he re-rig another Har Lok with rubber and sitting beside F6 drop the line by the side within 5 min another strike , this is an endorsement on the new theory works, unfortunately like all luring ,the fish manage to throw out the lure and the fish was lost.

Storm was also luring without success has given up and rig up for parking session, brought some live prawn and start our parking session , Burp also rig up and started looking for KC , Less than 10 min from the start of his mission the first KC was landed, next came a GT which he does a CNR .

Our supported finally came and PP777 came up with the some special bait , duck web , duck wing and chicken leg , this put the Team AA in distress not knowing how to rig these baits, should we try using 1 of the 4 finger of the chicken feet and park the bait on a floater, or to try spinning with the duck web definitely will have a lot of movement in the water, can we use the juice as a fish attractor and soak our lure inside the gravy .

Finally F6 found the solution instead of trying out the bait on the fish , F6 decided to try the bait himself for some reasons he got hook on the bait formula and everyone followed him. Burp bought the rest of the bait back for more R & D session.

The night continue with more fish landed and the conversation revolved around the most important game of the night Spain again Germany and also curry powder, our secret formula for the future. Mazdadan was assign to purchase mutton and chicken formula and must be imported from a special country.

The last count for the night F6 (8), Mazdadan (3), Storm (2) and Burp (2) ,Gao was given by Tony to PP777 for his breakfast when he is watching the semi final Thursday morning. Overall was a good evening with lots of fun and experiments, rubber is the winner.

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