Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I will get the biggest fish!!!

today 5 July 2010,

a group of anglers who call themselves Team Angling Addicts aka Team Red Dragon L'le Brother went down to PRPP for a night of fishing

Present were:




Supported by the backup team of:




Reinforcements :
Swimming Coach

Super Backup:
Ah Bee

Night was intended for luring but than no results so we switched to masterbaiting

as i was masterbaiting,this uncle who was also masterbaiting besides me seems to be getting a lot of hits so i just took out the float and anyhow cast into the center of the pond

1-2-3...fish on

fought for a while,1-2-3 land the fish

rebaited anyhow cast again

1-2-3..another fish one....
also 1-2-3 land

tried for a 3rd time,shift the anyhow cast spot a bit no luck,reel in and recast back to anyhow spot...

1-2-3....fish on again....
but than lost the fish during the fight

SO let the backup forces of burp,xenokel and jeskel took over

burp(2) had a huge take,fish was drawing line out hard and fast,but alas due to entanglement of line with another angler opposite bank,lost the fish

jeskel(2) took over and in about 10min later landed a kim chio on a whole live prawn...so imagine the size of the kim chio...hehe

xeno(2) had a take and while dehooking the fish,the fish threw out the prawn that it ate,that got it hooked up

L0ner(1) got a fish quiet quiet din tell us the spot
fishes were landed periodically,from excalibur(6) and mazdadan(1) was having a bad night,still registering at 0000

so he said :"i will land the biggest fish tonight"

30min before pack up time...mazdadan got a take and he started cha-chaing to the rhythmn of the ultra light setup gloomis imx 2-6lb with stradic 1000,sashaying left and right to fight the fish....fish took a right turn and wanna head straight for the croc but the cha cha lessons paid off with a one step forward backward 2 step action...landed THE BIGGEST FISH OF THE NIGHT registering 2.1kg on the boga scale,whilst the fish gave excalibur the deckie a shower for good luck.

Total 4 rods from team aa in action:
Storm tackle 8...2 from storm, 2 from xenokel, 2 from jeskel,2 from burp

Excalibur 6

Mazdadan 1

L0ner 1 ...he was still fishing when we left but cr only covers to the part when the main team left hehe

Total fishes landed : 16

Total fishes in photo :19

Cos 3 extra fishes were given to us by pp777's m'sia disciple or rather half disciple cos pp777 gave hiims some tips on fishing when he was a newbie a few months back then

Special note to L0ner ...the golden numbers are there,see if you can spot it hahahahaha

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Anonymous said...

lol...got another 2 after you all left...haha...hmmm..golden number ar...i always no feel one leh..lol..