Friday, August 13, 2010

Operation "NO FISH"

3 special agents from Team AA with the call signs of PP777,Xenokel and Storm were deployed for Operation "NO FISH" at PRPP on 12 August 2010

Weapon of choice was Gloomis IMX 2-6lb and Team Seahawk Dynasty
Ammo of the ops was Panther Martin and some glass prawns

The Ops was a success with a total of 13gaos and 1ak captured


Natalie aka Mrs Storm said...

13??? Such an auspicious number! And it's Friday the 13th tooo!!! Haha

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

a tough job for me man.. early morning, while driving to jurong, keep wanna fall asleep. lucky i can tong tong n tong, den around 12pm++.. not sleepy liao.. but , yawn , yawn n yawn

Danny Lee said...

I should have been there with 13 gao I sure can catch some