Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kyoto Haven 13-09-10

Today was a joyous night for Spirit aka Eric who lost his virginity to a KBL and GAO at Kyoto Haven,as he landed his first ever KBL and GAO of his fishing career

Pond was quite empty on the whole about 10rods in total for the whole pond from 2030h-0030h

three times throughout the evening we saw GTs being landed and its the Trevally type of GT not the Tilapia type of GT

we had three rods today with a total of

4+1 KBL (+1 cos another KBL was landed after photo was taken)

2 Chos

1 Gao

1 AK

Total of the day was 9 fishes landed on 3 rods with under the strength of 3 anglers(Storm,MazdaDan,Spirit) with the support of 3 Team AA members (PP777,Xeno,Burp)


Wasps said...

steady la eric... good to know that you are no longer a virgin..
Must be Xenokel pop your cherry right?????? Pain or shiok?????? Haha
Well done

Unknown said...

Actually is 3 virgin lose ha ha GAO and KBL. and the last one is first time use rubber caught fishes. So happy ha ha... But must thank everyone present yesterday and team Aa ppl that guide me alot.

Ps sorry storm give u so many false alarm LOL

Anonymous said...

First time on rubber cannot say one la,safety comes first and this is common knowledge no need to say anymore kekekeke....

Next time must ban u from using the ss700 Liao....too much false alarms hahaha

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wasps.. the cherry... u can have it..