Monday, September 13, 2010

Thai Fishing Part 2

Just some more photo of Sunday's fishing to finish it off. Had to come back last night as I am expecting guests this afternoon. Would have loved to stay on.

Sunday fishing started really slow. No one landed anything except a Toman till up till 11am. By then I have around 1 hr of fishing left before I clean up and head to the airport. Told my fishing guide to burley where possible. We also changed one of the fishing rod, baited with fish to bollies. I also bought a bottle of fruitty flavoured pop-ups to try out as I did not want to end the day without a catch.

Just half an hour left, something took the float. As I was not expecting any fish, I did not have my gimble belt on. Instead, I dug the rod butt into my pelvic area. Still hurting pretty much today but all worth it. My record for the trip. 70lbs siamese carp (approx 31kg). Pic attached, sorry couldnt lift it completely out of water so the full size cant be seen, the fish is very impatient so can only lift it for a few seconds before it will whack us with its mega tail. Its quite thick, probably 1ft in thickness, length wise, in excess of 2 adult shoulder length.

Thai guide thanking Buddha for granting me one last fight... Heard that they have 100lbs carps in the pond so good luck for those trying. And I highly recommend my guide who works hard in trying new styles, in fact, we were catching fish when others wasn't. Bite rate could have been affected by the erratic weather too. Sometimes super hot, some times thunder storm.

Special bait used to land the biggie- Half bottle in my fridge now. Can try at FW3. They are called pop ups.

Final fish of the day - 16lbs baby siamese carp. Yeah baby cos after all the mega sized ones, this one looked pretty small. Din go into the water to take pics as running out of time. Overall pretty satisfied with the catch. Will return the next time there is a chance.

Total cost is 7000 baht for 1 night's stay and fishing during the time I was there. Fishing guide and breakfast included. Burley which you saw in the big tub is provided plus fish bait. Bollies cost - 35o baht per kg while pop-up are at 100 baht per tub.


PP777 said...

Congrats on your big record catch!!

Very good Cr
well written with nice pictures.
Hmmm... wifey takes nice pics....
Gotta be the best in the recent months.

Must give you a Beer next time....

Syafiq89 said...

good job bro! :)