Sunday, September 12, 2010

Never plug into the wrong hole

Recently I have subscribed to the Singnet MIO Box Broadband 10Mbps Internet plan. I have requested them on I would like to install the machine by myself. In the end I fixed everything but it can’t work. Then called the Singnet hotline for assistance. In the end, the problem is just plugged to the wrong slot for the Lan cable lol.

Tips: Singnet technician said never plug in anything to the broadband slot. Only the Local Ethernet slots are usable.

So in life, don’t any how plug into any hole. Must think carefully before you plug.

Everything we do in life is like that. Mistakes might seems small, but it could cause a big problem & lots of inconvenient.


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

hai....u need more training on practical liao. btw, u sld call me in the 1st place mah

next time, meet up, i teach u poke the correct hold.. relex .. mai so kan chiong. slowly poke..

Squiggle said... lol