Monday, September 13, 2010

Thai Fishing Part 1

Had a chance over the weekend to visit Thailand with my wife. Supposed to be last trip for her before the birth of our baby boy. Decided to google for 1-day fishing since I am there. Chanced upon a site that offered some freshwater fishing, also reaslied that my secondary school mate (Skunk) tried the pond before so asked him for some comments. Overall, seems quite positive so decided to have a go.

Arrived at the place on Saturday morning and was amazed with the beauty of the compound. However, did not go straight to fishing as it was the middle of the day. Decided to cool it have lunch and start in the late afternoon when catfish generally feed. Just some pic of the compound below.

Am sure you guys are not that interested in the swimming pools and stuff... I didn't even have the time to use the pool. Anyway off to fishing... Fishing here is done on a Western/European style, quite unlike our chicken intestines, coconut milk mixture. You first burley the fishing area before casting to the spot. For bait, I used bollies exclusively for the first day. Bollies are small balls that is based a mixture by the owners of the pond as seen in the net in the big black basin.

Gears used - Shimano Big Baitrunner with 100lbs mono line and Cat Tamer Rod that weighs 8 lbs. Quite a heavy setup I so thought but line snapped twice when I met unstoppable take. One is suspected to be a big Siamese Carp and the other a catfish after sun down. Both took line again and again although the drag was set till pretty high. All I could do was to hold on to my rod with both hands as these fishes continue to take line out.

Overall bite rate was quite slow but still managed to land two decent sized fish, each on Saturday (Fished 3 - 7 pm) and Sunday (7am - 11:30am) , including my personal record on Sunday.Only disappointment is that I did not land any other species except for the pest tinfoil barb that we had numerous takes from them. Anyway, I did see mega sized red tail cat landed by fellow anglers, including a 70lbs RTC during the same night. His photo would probably be on their monthly news letter when its released. Note that all catches are recorded by the resort... Will upload more photos in part 2.

Saturday Catch - 30lbs Siamese Carp & 26 lbs Siamese Carp


Danny Lee said...

Cannot image the 100lbs line can burst, unless cut by stone. I think something very wrong with the line. suggest we bring own tackle next if we are going.

Keith Peck said...

Probably cut by the rocks. We examined the line after each breakage and always a bit rough. Think the bigger guys are quite good at bringing the line to the rocks and try to get them cut. My Sunday catch attempted the same trick but I have had some experience by then and used all my might to pull it out.