Friday, December 10, 2010

PRPP CR 111210

After being awarded the title of "Raja Telor Emas" 2 days ago at PRPP,
today went down for revenge,

Anglers present : PP777,STORM,EXCALIBUR

Supporters: L0ner,Mrs Storm,Xenokel,Jeskel,MazdaDan

Fish bite was slow at the beginning till PP777 found the golden spot for us to get the Golden Promfrets and from then on it was lo jiak lo jiak till we left

Total number of fishes in the photo :

1 x Boon nang

3 x chos

38 x GP

total number of fishes landed in the night:-

1 x boon nang

3 x chos

43 x GP (1 was tapao by jeskel,1 was caught after pic was taken and 3 performed a re-enactment of "prison break")

Total 1-3-43


Danny Lee said...

storm must be happy, like in Rompin LJLJ angkoli

relaxed33 said...

Excellent haul from PRPP. Wish I was there to witness this bountiful harvest.

NattyLauw said...

Storm at first superhero 'metal teeth' didn't want to join the production line. He thought maybe it's just a few. After seeing Excalibur siding up to PP to join in the harvest time he decided to join. Haha! Also from insider information kc was released, GAO was also released. Maybe can try your luck this time?

Anonymous said...

Danny...ya the lj lj n the vibration made me feel like fishing again,to be frank I was on the verge of quitting fishing totally liao

ah beng said...


PP777 said...

Trevor....nice prata u have there

ah beng said...

I prefer ur golden carpet.. LOL..