Monday, January 17, 2011

16 Jan 2011 ( 2100- 0030)

Warrior of the Night- Storm (2) , F6 (4) ,Spirit, (2) Mazdadan (5) and Shawn.

Reinforcement - Burp,PP777,Mrs Spirit,Mrs Storm,Wasp and wife,Loner.

Biggest catch of the night 5.7kg kbl n 3.6kg cho n 3.0kg cho

Burp lost 1big take.

PP777 lost 1 Big AC fighting for sometime before throwing hook.

F6 lost 3big takes
, as usual the champion of the night was F6 with 1 Big KBL and 1 Big AC

Spirit landed 1 Big AC weight 3 KG


Anonymous said...

Dan thanks for the pic and cr.... I am still amazed by the big kbl. From the pic it's length is more than half of my wife heights!!

Danny Lee said...

Spirit , you are welcome comparing the KBL with a person does justice to the fish.

ah beng said...

May i say...

Solid leh!