Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anglers present : Storm, Spirit, Chim Chim and friend, Mazdadan

Supporter : Mrs Storm, Mrs Spirit, Gary and girlfriend,Syafiq and girfriends, Xeno.

very slow night with not much activities happening on the side we normal fished. On the opposite side at the Long Kang area recorded quite a few hook up , with 2 big KC landed. As for Team AA if not for the release of fish at 12 am we could all become zero fighters. During the release, Mazdadan got the first MJ follow by Storm with the second MJ. Xeno told over Storm rod and landed the TN and follow by Syafiq landing the second TN.

Everyone is awaiting for the 1 st AGM this coming Thursday 27 /01/2011 when the chairman is back. A welcome reception has been schedule on the 29/01/2011 from 6 pm, all members please attend if you are free.

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