Friday, January 21, 2011

Friends catch 1.5m 'monster' fish from Pasir Ris canal after long struggle

Fishing buddies STOMPer al_jashero and his friend took 50 minutes to ensnare this huge alligator-like fish at a Pasir Ris canal early Monday morning (Jan 17). The huge fish, called the Alligator Gar, measured about 1.5 metres long.

The Alligator Gar is a primitive ray-finned fish. It gets its name from the alligator-like appearance of the dual row of large teeth in its upper jaw as well as its elongated snout.

Usually found in North America, the Alligator Gar can measure up to three metres long and weigh at least 91 kg when mature. It is the largest exclusively freshwater fish of that region, with the heaviest recorded fish weighing in at a whopping 166 kg.

It is also noted that the monster fish can also survive outside water for up to two hours.

According to the STOMPer, the huge fish was caught at mangrove area Sungei Api Api, one of the two bodies of water that run through Pasir Ris Park.

He took 50 minutes to ensnare the fish, with 10 minutes of that duration just trying to reel it in. The fish was around 1.5 metres long.

After the fish was caught, the STOMPer was so 'kan chiong' that he did not take pictures of the fish at the site. Instead, he immediately made his way to his friend's pond.

The owner of the pond was shocked to see such a huge fish: "He thought we had just returned from the Amazon", recounts the STOMPer. "It is a super-rare fish in Singapore!"

al_jashero writes in an email (Jan 21):

"First-ever monster 'ALLIGATOR GAR' caught in Singapore?

"It was caught at Pasir Ris' Sungei Api Api on 17th January 2011 at 02:00hrs.

"This monster was successfully transported to Ed's Pro Pond at Farmway 3, Pasir Ris.

"Here are pictures of the Ed's Pro Pond owner with my monster Alligator Gar. This was taken at his pond, during the handing over ceremony.

"After the handing over ceremony, my buddy and I deserved a drink which was sponsored by the boss (owner of Ed's Pro Pond). Cheers!"

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