Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday Jinx NO MORE! Cr PRPP 18/01/11

For the past few weeks,Team AA had a Tuesday Jinx on going,every Tuesday we turned up at PRPP,we would end up with VERY VERY BAD catches,
however today there was change.

Anglers Present : Shawn,John,Patrick,Gary,Ethan

Supporter(s) : Nat

Deckie of the day : Zhenwei

Baits used today : Live Prawns and Ha Lok and Panther Martin

Rods used today : Gloomis and Ugly Stik lite

Reels sized used today :500,700,1000

One way train of the day :
Pat, a very big hook up which fought for a while before it boarded the bullet train to the croc and burst his line

Unluckiest substitute of the day :
Zhenwei (he used john's setup,shawn's setup,gary's setup,ethan's setup,cant even land a kc when the team had a kc frenzy)

Rig of the day : Single hook rig and Apollo Rig

Biggest catch of the day :
Shawn has a KBL 2.68kg on live prawn,single hook rig
John has a Cho 2.62kg on panther martin
Ethan has a Cho 2.66kg on ha lok, apollo rig

Total Number of hookups : 36

Break down of hookups :
AK : 1
TWN : 2
KBL : 5
Cho : 12
Kc : 16

Total Number of CNRB : 1 x KC by deckie on duty

Here is the picture:



ah beng said...


Danny Lee said...

Wah I very Kiam leh. Every time I not around the catch is good

Anonymous said...

Danny ^5.... but still Swee la. Wonder if they are going today.