Friday, February 25, 2011

China's 'Quick Wok' chefs deep-fry fish that's still alive

 Cruelty is a high price to pay for tasty food, says STOMPer Vivo who sent this video of a speed-contest for chefs in China.

The first dish was snake. The chefs chopped up the snakes into little chunks. In the finished dish, you can see the tiny chunks still moving. "So cruel," says Vivo.

The next dish that the chefs had to cook at double-quick time was one in which the fish was dunked into boiling oil, with the head held up by the chef.

When the cooking was done, the fish was still breathing. "It must be very painful for the fish, with three quarters of its body cooked," commented Vivo.

In fact, one of the Chinese commentator said that the fish must open its mouth or the chef would have failed.

"How can everyone be so nonchalant about the cruelty they are inflicting on animals?" asked Vivo.

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