Friday, February 25, 2011

New Killersword Ultra Light blanks

Today just got a call from Le Anglers at Blk 530 Bedok North informing me that their new killersword ultra light blanks are in

available poundage are

at this point of time,i heard they gonna come out with a pe0.8-pe2 blank in the near future

if you are interested in the blanks please go down take a look,
however the proprietor,Jimmy will be out of town to make video for the new blanks (for promotional purposes) from 3 March to 10 March.

And personally i have 6 killerswords offshore rods from pe1 to pe6 and one pond rod 10-20lb and i find the rods to be up to team aa's tackle thrashing standard verified by fw3's giant cpc.

For those who does not know much about the killersword blanks,you can go to fk and search for it(if fk is up),they had a trip to lucornia last year and landed a 60kg gao tun on it.

and if i am not wrong they still have a ongoing promotion with kyoto pond,anybody spends $300 on a single receipt at their shop,you will get either a $20 coupon to fish at kyoto main pond or you accumulate 5 coupons u can go try at the gt pond(but for how long a duration and how many anglers i am not sure)..please enquire with Jimmy on this

Thank You.


---i am not related to the above mentioned tackle shop in anyways.

---neither do i get a cut out from anybody buying anything from them.

---neither do i represent the whole of Team AA in this issue.

---what i am doing is just introducing a blank that is cheap and can withstand thrashing.

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