Saturday, February 26, 2011

COMFIRM horsburgh-trip-8-10th-april-2011

Swift Lady to Horsburgh or SCS on the 8th-10th April 2011, CONFIRMED
Friday to Sunday.
Mostly likely will depart on the 8th of April evening(timing to be confirm) , and return on the 10th of April morning , will be back to town around noon time. AGAIN.. timing to be confirm again
Maximum of 10 anglers, + 1 boatman and 1 skipper.
total of 12pax max.
The boat fee is $2300 include bait.
Drinks & extra food added in, $200 (might not be enough)
total cost around $2500.

1more suggestion by me and bro Wong, for those who wanna drink beer, fork out an addition of around $50, buy 2 or 3 carton of beer..

We should be setting off on Friday evening 8th April,
FISH!!!! till u drop , or peng sang

Cease fishing at 9am on the 10th April.
likely to reach around 1pm back to punggol

Addicts for this mission impossible

1) Patrick (Appointed :TEAM LEADER) (why?? cos he is the most handsome guy & TKD black belt mah..)
2) kelvin
3) Jessie
4) john
5) Shawn
6) Wong
7) Eric
8) Ethan
9) Danny
10) Natalie

please remember to make yourself available on the 8th of April, in case we got to leave earlier.. will comfirm with the boatman and update again....

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