Saturday, March 26, 2011

25032011 Rompin 5555.....!!!555..!!2222...!!!222!!

Y the 5s & 2s? Cos the whole trip Gary S was goin GgoRrr..!!! EerrR...!! ( Merlion )
Attendance on White boat- F6, Yong, Shawn, Gary S, Val

Sailfish no.1 - Landed  by Shawn

Sailfish no.2 - Landed by Val 

Sailfish no.3 - Landed by Yong

And R U ready Team AA???
Here we have Our Very 1st............

MARLIN!!! ( Fish no.4 ) - Landed by Gary S
Yong & F6 shared the joy  

Sailfish no.4 - Landed by F6 ( the biggest sail of the day )

Yong Shared the joy wif F6 ( he shouted, Kuai tian kuai tian, Wo ye yao Pai! )

Sailfish no.5 - Landed by Gary S ( Val fought this fish till she peng shan, Gary S took over )

The rest of the Catch

 video added.

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