Sunday, March 27, 2011

CR: 4.2kg Grouper - PRPP

26 March 2011 2300Hrs

***Special thanks to Uncle Yong and Gary S for helping us land the fish....***

Got our first fish (4.2kg Grouper) from PRPP trip. All I felt was 2 very light jerk, and I slowly raised up the rod tip. I found it heavy, but it wasn't moving at all. Gary S happened to walk passed and wondered if I got fish or got sangkot too. Just when he was asking, the fishing make its dash. I quickly pass the rod to my wife, Veron. She did most of the fighting under the professional advise of Uncle Yong but she's unable to  take the strong dash after some fights.

We finally manage to land it with the help of Uncle Yong and Gary S and paid $8 for the baithouse to clean it for us.

The 4.2kg Gao

Val on behalf of Billy

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