Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saltwater pond at FW3

Just some info for u guys. My fren have taken over the Saltwater Pond at FW3. Its next to the CnR pond.

Pond water will be drained tomorrow and bottom dug clean for new water to be released.

Pond will commence operation on the 24th Dec with an opening party. All are welcomed.

Planning to release big groupers, cobias and Ang Cho.

Will have different special days for lurers and Fly fishing.

Hope team AA could support this new pond. Let me know if u guys want to feedback anything about the pond. Owner is very receptive to anglers views.


Fishingjojoman said...

If this pond is good can make it into our new playground ! HE he

Keith Peck said...

I am good for 24th. My exam is on 23rd!!!!!

How to sign up for the party?

Stockie said...

No need bro. Jus show up. Free BBQ while stocks last..

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

bro.. BBQ mai la.. muz got special price for our team de mah..
how he gonna charge?
$50 for 3hr or
$50 for 5?

Stockie said...

I will get as much info from him once all is confirm with regards to rates n such.

Anonymous said... play ground...sud be a fun place as i m not into the c n r thingy...sorry if i offend anybody who is into c n r...

PP777 said...

hurray hurray, go fishing le,
wow!! stockie's fren throw in big investments, we should support in more occasions rather than in huge numbers, the pond after dug up still same size?or what.....?
our bros Xeno n ChungFish are regulars there.
Bro Xeno,got BBQ is good enuf le,support lah,else you do another one lah. hehehe

1.5bar said...

Any PRE party launch that our Team AA can try out and give comments ;p

OT => BTW... anyone know wat time is the fish release time at PREP??

Anonymous said...

pre-launch testing for feedback is a gr8 idea!!!!!!!

Stockie said...

Dun worry guys. Pond will be same size, jus digging the pond bed to clear it up a little.

Fren is putting in a huge effort, i hope we team AA can give our support. Dun worry, im not earnin anything to advertise to u guys. Haha. Jus one more playgrd for u guys.

chung said...

Stockie, just 3 words from one who frequent payponds for umpteen years to your friend. There will always be negative comments from anglers . One, fish too small, fish not biting, water no good, fish too few, always same fish, etc etc etc. I am also guilty of such comments.Take it with a pinch of salt.

Two, "tan chiak" anglers will always be around.

Three, managing water conditions in a small pond is critical. Knowledge in water management will make or break the business.

best of luck to your friend and will come over after my trip.

Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

huh.. bro CF, u oso regular there b4 meh?

PP777 said...

hahaha xeno,
i think CF still fish there often,
Btw john, The towkay Alex is the 1 using the STORM nickname, hehehehe same nick!!

Stockie said...

Alex is not the boss.

Just helping to operate for my Fren.

Anonymous said...

my nick is my own name in forum not here...dun mistake hor....kekekeke..i got no funding to open fishing pond yet