Monday, April 26, 2010


Due to yesterday's mission, i decided to go for another kbl misson at Fw3.. solo mission..
Reached there at about 12:00.. got my gears up.. got my panther martin(black;red eye) on.. and start my KBL mission.. after aprox. 30 throws.. i got a good take.. yay!!!
wasnt that strong take..but definately better take than yesterday's.. suddenly a KBL JUMPED!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!!! this time no need to say " my mother like " cause my mother will never ever gonna taste the fish here..hahaha.. the bangladesh dude came over.. i dare not tell him i wanna take pic first.. skali suey2.. but then yahoo!! i landed the fish.. the bangladesh dude unhook the rubber and told him that i want a picture with the kbl.. a chinese dude came and help me to take the pic..
Syafiq - 1
KBL - 0

my heart still pumping my hands still shaking like hell.. so relex take a smoke..that was the biggest KBL take when i first started luring and.. the feelin is really different.. it will give u a shock of ur life..
kudos to bro burp,f6 and wasp for teaching me techniques.. ill try harder next time..continued my day with rubber..Gonna be a universal angler as i can..
So this time i use the storm rubber since my line is already hurt due to the KBL..cast a few times and ZAAAAAAP! hit another one patin on the cheek(foul hook).. manage to take picture with it too..opps..hehe..
so i went again..2 fish wont cure my itch..haha.. walked around and cast..oh yes i hit a good size patin on foul hook.. WOW SECOND TIME! didnt take picture.. the bangladesh noisy-noisy .. " wah you foul hook ah.. cannot la... aiyahhhh" then i apologise.. hehe..
i foul hook it on its tail.. superb workout for this one..
got tired after almost 4 hours of decided to go parking instead.. Bought kembong fish from the counter..2 bucks per pax.. inside got about 8 small kembong fish.. I also use chicken liver, left overs on the table..
landed 2 pacu,1 patin and redtail catfish.. not about 630.. i decided to go luring back since the bit rate is slower.. went to the spot where i got the kbl..was luring and talking to my neighbour.. cool chinese bro with wife.. was eyeing on thier tackles..2 set; bassterra xt and twinpower..wife is using bassterra and stradic c14 2500..talked about fishes he ever caught Fw3..cast after cast.. nothing yet.. So i then made a promise and say 5 more cast and ill call it a day since i have class tomorrow morning.. I went back to my bag area.. and cast from there..
cast one - 0
cast two - 0
cast three - 0
cast four - KIM BAK LOR!
YAHOOOOO!!!!!!! got the bangladesh dude to unhook the rubber and this time he cant say anything because it wasnt foul hook.. a picture with it and put a big big smile on my face.. hehe..a promise is a promise.. so i packed, and vrooom,off to home sweet home..
total score for me is 2 pacu(small size) 2 patin,1 catfish,2 kbl..
and again, special thanks to bro F6 for introducing me about panther martin rubbers..
I was really satisfy with this solo mission.. KBL mission completed!
more? why not. :)


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

nice 1 bro.. btw, its quite true n better not to tell them u wanna take picts.. cos they will somehow kay siao n release the fish if u tell them.. AND AND.. try not eat too much asam pedes fish, curry fish, BBQ fish or other yummy thing.. cos yr face looks like gonna be about few years ago liao.. haha..

Syafiq89 said...

hahaha..true bro.. need to start my diet back..haha