Sunday, April 18, 2010

PRPP 17 Apr '10 nite - nite of the gaos

Mission by : The Addict, Syafiq, PP777, Storm, Wongsl

Supported by : Factor 6, Xeno, Jeskel, Mini-Jeskel, Bigbear69 and Mrs, Mrs Storm, Burp

Was a weird nite. Not much small fishes but we ended up with 3 nice gaos. The Addict has been re-conferred both awards UTEYBB and UYGK.

The team had quite a few good misses, good, as in good size but 3 gaos in the same nite is really euphoric.

One more thing dedicated to Xeno, Jeskel and Mini-Jeskel - "Serai" means "suay" so next trip, please dun ask me this word!!!!! WAKAKAKAKAKAKA! but on a serious note : Serai = Lemon Grass aka "Chang Mao(teochew)"


Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

wahaha.. serai really means suay meh??

Angling Addict said...

no lah, that was a joke - the real meaning of serai is lemon grass

Anonymous said...

3 big fish
2 small fish
and 1 type of small fish each

so 3211 today open 3121...nobody buy ah?

Syafiq89 said...

3 gaos..2(1 big,1 small)

3211 lor...