Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help!Don't understand,can explain?

as i know it p.e is somewhat equals to line class

say like p.e 2-4 we can use line 20lb and below to max 40lb

but in this pic,it says PE6 but line is 15lb-40lb,so shouldn't it be max 60lb line?

can anybody explain?



Xenokel™ aka CSM said...

PE6, max 60lb for lines..
Wt =15-40lb for sinker+bait
lure Wt 250lb = rubber, n etc
correct me if im wrong

Angling Addict said...


Some answers here.

Anonymous said...

cp..actually i read tru the post a few times but i still dun understand hahahaha

Angling Addict said...

its line diameter!!!

Angling Addict said...

its line diameter!!!

Anonymous said...

oorh...line diameter sibo?

so mean if a pe 6 rating rod has got say x mm line diameter if i can get a 100lb line with x mm diameter also can use is it?

Danny Lee said...

Storm , I am a newbie when come to this term. But I conclude my understanding is right. Firstly PE have no immediate relation with LBS of line in is a Jap standard for compareing with Diameter of line used especailly today everyone talking about braid line which is normally thinner than monoline and in the past all line for reel spools refer only monoline. In today with different grade of Braid line the diameter varies. therefore talking about LBS is no longer accurate. So PE corresponding to dia is more accurate. Therefore talking about a reel can put 150m of 20 Lbs line is not correct as they do not indicate the type of line or Dia. Here PE is more accurate considering only the Dia.